Friday, September 25, 2015

Have you seen this idiot, Charlie Rose, conduct an interview with Vladimir Putin?

This is the state of our media. Fools like Charlie Rose getting paid millions to ask ridiculous questions of the leaders like Putin who sits atop the world's largest nuclear arsenal.

Rose: "Some have called you an interesting 'character'"

A "character"? Really? Do you think the American president would ever be referred to as a character? Like some cartoon character?

Rose: "Are you a czar?"

WTF??? Are you kidding.

Putin looks rightfully stunned. I'm surprised he didn't walk out.

Charlie Rose, you hunchbacked moron. Anyway the full interview is on this Sunday on 60 minutes after the game. CBS is teasing it.


Ignacio said...

They probably think they are great and sharp journalists... sight.

Matt Franko said...

Then here he is lobbing up some softballs for Pete Peterson:

Jonathan Larson said...

Charlie Rose is one of the main reasons I stopped giving to PBS. He has been a drooling moron for years. Putin is an educated man with a razor-sharp intellect.

They should not be allowed in the same room.