Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Interesting comments from Carl Icahn. Quite egalitarian coming from a major Wall Street speculator.

Icahn gets a lot of stuff wrong (out of paradigm), but even so, the thing's he's saying are pretty egalitarian coming from such a big, Wall Street player. This guy is not only in the 1% (more like, .0001%), but he's the quintessential finance capitalist.

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Jake C said...

Hey Mike,
Can you get Michael Hudson on for your podcast?
He's got his new book out too.

He talks about the stuff ichann is saying above.

Just saw a doc about trump bullying a small landowner in Scotland to try and get his way for his lousy overpriced golf course.and tried to sue to prevent wind turbines cos they "ruined the view". The guy is a joke he awarded his golf course " best golf course in the world" through a proxy organization that he set up,but acted like he was surprised to the cameras.the guy is a first class pompous arrogant asswhole.