Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Peter Radford — Beating Dead Horse?

I have often used World War I trench warfare metaphorically when talking about economics. The entire enterprise seems stuck in trenches lobbing diatribe back and forth determinedly with no side going much ground if any at all.
But perhaps a better version would be that economic ideas are part of the ammunition being flung across the field from trench to trench. Economics is just one aspect of the great ideological battle. And economists are driven, not by a sense of science, but by their own ideological perspectives.
Why economics is the way it is. It's an ideological battle and has been from the outset. The conclusion? Take a cue from the opposition. Stay on message.

This is about the welfare state of social and political liberalism, that is, social democracy in this day and age, versus the market state of economic liberalism, that is, neoliberal capitalism and plutocracy.

The Radford Free Press
Beating Dead Horse?
Peter Radford

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Peter Radford is on a roll today.

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