Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Money Morning — "Government Shutdown 2015" to Start Oct. 1!

"The October 2013 government shutdown came with a $24 billion price tag as hundreds of thousands of furloughed workers took home smaller paychecks and small businesses were hobbled by frozen government contracts and payments," Money Morning Chief Investment Strategist Keith Fitz-Gerald told his Total Wealth research service readers on Sept. 18. "Consumer confidence went into the proverbial toilet and quarterly GDP growth fell from 3% to a middling 2.4%."
Now, exactly two years later, we're about to do it all over again.
Here we go again (rolling eyes). The clowns are restless.

According to Fitz-Gerald. "The way I see it, wingnuts on both sides of the aisle are playing chicken with an $18 trillion economy and world markets once again."

Uh no. The wingnuts are all on one side of the aisle. The clown side.

"Government Shutdown 2015" to Start Oct. 1!
Money Morning

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Ryan Harris said...

I don't see it as both sides of the aisle. This is the GOP vying for conservative social voters in a primary election year. Their social message isn't dominant in this election, but this one issue is a biggie, and they can turn out the base which will help if they are going to push the candidates into the far right socially.