Saturday, September 26, 2015

Neil Wilson's View of "Corbynomics" demonstrated in Living Color

See the video below for a youtube depiction of what Neil is talking about here:

Corbynomics and the Current Budget Balance.

"Build it and they will come" was the theme of a fictional Kevin Costner baseball movie.


NeilW said...

It's a mantra I've heard lots of times from people who studied economics.

Another one of those ideas that is near, plausible and wrong.

Tom Hickey said...

China's plan is not based on build it and they will come. It's based on we need cities in which to urbanize former agriculture workers as we mechanize agriculture.

Actually, this is what should have happened in England at the time of enclosure when workers were forced off the land and into factories, providing only the worst living conditions and subsistence wages. China is not making that mistake because it is not leaving the transition to markets.

This is part of China's plan to create a consumer economy based on services as well as production. So far they are the bright star of development economics, which neoliberalism has a terrible record with.

John said...

Hopefully, China's development will be a lesson for the rest of the third world: do the opposite of what the textbooks, Ivy League shock therapists, and Washington consensus institutions tell you to do. Stop sending your students to the freshwater and saltwater universities, and the Thames water LSE for that matter, and simply do what the now rich countries did to develop, minus the slavery and the colonialism.

Millions of lives will be saved by charting a different economic course.

Matt Franko said...

Tom check out the video... there is nobody even there in these places.... ?????

Andy Blatchford said...

This is timely. Had a fascinating conversation with a planner at my political parties conference last night on this very subject. The planners know all about this problem but not the economics behind it, which I quickly run over & he got the issue straight away.

Tom Hickey said...

Tom check out the video... there is nobody even there in these places.... ?????

Check out my latest post.