Friday, November 27, 2015

Pepe Escobar — Why Turkey Stabbed Russia in the Back

The strategic importance of these Turkmen lands cannot be emphasized enough. It’s exactly in this area, reaching as much as 35 km inland, that Ankara wants to install its so-called “safe zone,” which will be in fact a no-fly zone, in Syrian territory, ostensibly to house Syrian refugees, and with everything paid by the EU, which has already unblocked 3 billion euros, starting Jan. 1, via the European Commission (EC).
The now insurmountable obstacle for Turkey to get its no-fly zone is, predictably, Russia….
The bottom line is that Turkey and Russia simply cannot be part of the same coalition fighting the Islamic State group because their objectives are diametrically opposed.…


Ryan Harris said...

To translate into Russian parlance/Narrative: Syria is critical national interest for Turkey.

There is no proof that plane was Turkish. You can go to a store and buy any kind of uniform. Those were local self defense units.

The part of Syria where the Russian plane was flying is really, part of Turkey historically. Deep cultural ties. The Turkmen that the Russians were bombing: Volunteers.

Double standards and all that.

Tom Hickey said...

At bottom is Realpolitik, I.e., "national interest," which really means the interest of the ruling class — "follow the power and money."

Set on top of that is "international law," which is subject to interpretation by the parties and counterparties involved.

Laid on top of that is justification, rational and moral.

Rational and moral justification intersect in rhetorical presentation, that is, propaganda.

Contemporary propaganda is usually a mix of liberalism, nationalism, and tradition as a historical effect on culture and institutions that is often religious in origin.

So basically it always comes down to cui bono — to whose benefit

The principal forces involves are political (geopolitical and geostrategic) and economic.