Thursday, November 26, 2015

RT — Erdogan accuses Assad of financing ISIS

Laugh of the day. Not snark.
Turkey's President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has refuted accusations against Ankara about buying oil from the terrorists of the organization "Islamic state". The Turkish leader said that, in his opinion, deals with ISIS occur with the Syrian leader Bashar Assad.

"Those who accuse us in buying oil from Islamic State, let them prove it. If you are looking for a source of funding for ISIS, then the first place to look is in the direction of the Assad regime and those who support it", — quotes RIA Novosti from words of Erdogan.
It's so funny RT doesn't even comment on it.

BTW, this has been the US position, too.

Fort Russ
Erdogan accuses Assad of financing ISIS
RT (original in Russian)
Translated by Ollie Richardson


Peter Pan said...

Truth be told, there hasn't been that much fighting between the SAA and ISIS for most of this war. Not that Assad is secretly buying oil, just saying...

Roger Erickson said...

Alrighty then. This makes sense, given that suicide is illegal in most places. :(

Even self-assisted suicide.

Tom Hickey said...

Truth be told, there hasn't been that much fighting between the SAA and ISIS for most of this war. Not that Assad is secretly buying oil, just saying...

This is somewhat true. ISIS success militarily has been in Iraq more than Syria. They control a lot of territory in Syria but it is barren desert. However, ISIS is interested in controlling territory since to be considered a state, one has to control territory.

This was a major point in the split between AQ and ISIS. ISIS emphasizes creating a caliphate (Islamic state) as a recruiting tool, while AQ emphasizes killing infidels in order to draw the West into a ground war in MENA that AQ believes it can win by attrition, basically bankrupting the West through overreach.

These are basically two different approaches to the same goal. The non-ISIS "freedom fighters" are either AQ or allied with AQ.

The US admitted that the millions of USD and mountains of weapons they supplied to the moderates produced five fighters in total. The $, supplies, and weapons went to the immoderates.

Anyone that believes anything in the US media about what's happening in this area, beginning with Afghanistan when Osama was allowed to escape is drunk on Kool-Aid. It's all based on spin, double-speak or outright lies.

Carlos said...


It's shaping up to me that Erdogan is Assads biggest enemy and sponsoring most of the fighting in Allepo state. This is the main NATO/US effort.

ISIL looks like an Israeli/Saudi attempt to create a new Sunni state. Which the US must like because it splits the Iran/Iraq/Syria/Hezbollah Shiite axis, but pretends not to like, so as to fool the proles into a war on terror which is really a war on us (the proles). There doesn't seem that much fighting in the ISIL region.

The new Kurdish state is on the cards too, which Erdogan must absolutely hate. That might be a US Israeli ploy to keep the Turks in check and prevent a grand Sunni alliance with the Gulfies I guess.

As usual the Israelis are getting everything on their wish list. Everyone else is divided and split, as per plan. I'm quite sure everything will not work out to the benefit of one single ordinary citizen.

Peter Pan said...


Ordinary citizens are the last consideration in these power struggles. They are only called upon to sacrifice their lives :(