Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Turkey’s downing of Russia jet potential game changer — Press TV interviews editor-in-chief of Zuerst, Berlin

But what we see now is a new escalation; Turkey right now attacked a world power. This changes the game or this might change the game into a horrible situation for the future.
We should not forget that Turkey is one of the most important and, at the same time, the most appreciated NATO member. NATO accepts everything Turkey is doing, especially [everything] Erdogan is doing. Erdogan established an almost totalitarian state under his party leadership. NATO is never doing something against this.
So we can see this attack against the Russian air craft, also not just a Turkish attack, but also it is a NATO attack. So this puts the conflict from the regional level to the world level and that makes the whole incident quite risky.…
This history shows us that Turkey desperately tries to make this conflict wider to involve other powers. This is what they are doing nonstop and all the news coming from Turkey, especially from the Turkish military, are deeply-biased and propaganda news to justify this politics.…
…if Turkey says the air jets were violating Turkish airspace, this might also have to do with the interpretation from Ankara on what belongs to Turkey and what not. Because we see that Turkey is very openly securing or invading an area in northern Turkey. We can the terrorist gangs in northern Syria. I think, without any problem, they are just Turkish proxies; they get their money from Turkey, they get their arms from Turkey, the Islamic State [Daesh Takfiri terrorists] is openly supported by Turkey. So these are all Turkish proxies which are right now occupying northern Syrian territory. So this might be one of the reasons that Ankara might see that is a violation of Turkish airspace because what the Russians are doing right now is directly attacking and weakening Turkish proxies on Syrian ground.…
"Our guy" Erdogan.

Press TV
Turkey’s downing of Russia jet potential game changer: Analyst
Press TV interviews Manuel Ochsenreiter, the editor-in-chief of Zuerst in Berlin

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