Thursday, November 26, 2015

Christopher Black — NATO Attack On Russian Air Forces: Reasons and Consequences

Another view putting the US and NATO at the center, which I think is entirely credible.  Black, an international criminal lawyer, connects the dots.

Pertinent quote by neocon John Bolton, too. Bolton sets forth the necon agenda, the planning of which goes back to the 1990's. Black comments:
So there we have it, the plan by Washington and its dependencies to continue their aggression against Syria and Iraq in order to create a new state serving its interests and wrecking the strategic interests of Russia and Iran. This is a statement of intent to carry out a war of aggression against sovereign states, members of the United Nations, in complete defiance of and contempt for the United Nations Charter, and all international law and humanity. It matters not to them how many innocents are slaughtered in the process. They know no morality, have no conscience.
This incident looks to be another iteration of that plan to destroy the Shi'ite crescent in order to make Israel the dominant country in the Middle East and to put the Sunni oil oligarchs in the pocket of the West.

And that is just one of the moves in the Great Game of geopolitics and geostrategy that has been laid out and which I have been posting on for some time. The ultimate goal is to partition Iran, Russia and China in order to cement permanent US global dominance, the neoconservative goal set forth in the Wolfowitz Doctrine. This is no secret but declared US policy. Because American exceptionalism.

NATO Attack On Russian Air Forces: Reasons and Consequences
Christopher Black, international criminal lawyer based in Toronto

ZH also connects the dots leading to Obama.

Zero Hedge
Russia Releases Video Of S-400 SAM Deployment In Syria, As Putin Issues Warning To Obama
Tyler Durden

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Matt Franko said...

Now possibly? getting tactical air control via the s400 radars.... (btw still no awacs)... unless it is fire control only... probably is... ie still leaves attack aircraft vulnerable...

Shouldn't have deployed tactical air without air control in the first place.... you leave the attack pilots flying blind and susceptible to fighters like the F-16s...

Force Protection is the first thing that suffers under a military commanded by the "were out of money!" morons... (both sides....)

Im sure we'll get to watch more warriors needlessly killed as this goes on...