Thursday, November 26, 2015

Moon of Alabama — Russia "Violated" Turkish Airspace Because Turkey "Moved" Its Border

This is an October 15 post but it is relevant now, since it may clarify the conflicting claims of violation Turkish air space by the Russian SU-24 that was shot down by Turkey.

Apparently Turkey unilaterally redrew its border with Syria arbitrarily and without any legal right to do so, and the Syrian government rejects the attempted grab of Syrian territory.
... the real reason why the U.S. military official and Turkey claim the above "violations" is because Turkey unilaterally "moved" the Turkish-Syrian border five miles south:Turkey has maintained a buffer zone five miles inside Syria since June 2012, when a Syrian air defense missile shot down a Turkish fighter plane that had strayed into Syrian airspace. Under revised rules of engagement put in effect then, the Turkish air force would evaluate any target coming within five miles of the Turkish border as an enemy and act accordingly.
If Syrian rules of engagement would "move" its northern border up to the Black Sea would any plane in eastern Turkey be in violation of Syrian air space? No one would accept such nonsense and that is why no one should accept the U.S.-Turkish bullshit here. Russian planes should not respect the "new" Turkish defined border but only the legitimate one.
It would also be no good reason to start a NATO-Russia war just because such a plane might at times slightly intrude on the Turkish side due to an emergency or other accidental circumstances. Do we have to mention that the U.S., France, Britain and Jordan regularly violate Syrian airspace for their pretended ISIS bombing? That Turkey is bombing the PKK in north Iraq without the permission of the Iraqi government? What about Israel's regular air space violations over Lebanon?
Interestingly, moving the border is exactly what the US criticizing China for in the South China Sea.

This would just be ridiculous if it weren't risking escalation leading to a nuclear exchange that no one wants.

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