Sunday, March 27, 2016 — Chinese tech set to take quantum leap

China is set to lead the development of quantum science globally when the world's first quantum satellite and a 1,000-kilometer quantum communication line connecting Shanghai and Beijing start operating in the second half of the year, a Shanghai-based national quantum research center said yesterday.
"The satellite will blast off in the second half — the first quantum communications satellite in the world," Pan Jianwei, the director of the center in Zhangjiang High-Tech Park in Shanghai, said yesterday.
A telecommunication line incorporating quantum-based data encryption technology will start operating later this year to connect Shanghai and Beijing, added Pan, who is also executive vice chairman of the University of Science and Technology of China.
Quantum technology features top-level encryption security compared with traditional communication lines. Quantum computing, although in its infancy, will be "several hundreds of million times faster" compared with today's super-computers, said Pan.
Quantum communications will be first used in the finance industry requiring high-level security. It will also be used in Internet firms that handle massive user data, experts said.
The quantum center eyes possible cooperation with Alibaba, Tencent and ZTE, Pan said.
Chinese tech set to take quantum leap



MRW said...

All going unnoticed by western media, just like they ignored the Chinese declaration over Christmas/New Year 1979/80 of China’s stated plan to take global manufacturing hegemony away from the US within 25 years. Stated just that baldly: ‘We are going to take away America’s manufacturing business.'

Which they did.

China is going for reserve currency status. Not just being part of a basket of currencies. They’re going for the whole shebang. Obama’s sanctions against Russia gave them the opening. Watch how fast they set up the infrastructure to be able to replicate the current $750 billion/day market in treasury securities when the opportunity presents itself. They’ve already bought one of our stock exchanges. That’ll be for practice. Meantime, pundits stateside will sit around with their thumbs in their bum and their brain in neutral pontificating about China’s economic slowdowns.

This quantum computing thing is huge. Excuse me, Yuge.

Peter Pan said...

That stock exchanges are investing in high speed fiber optic lines is seen as a waste of resources and a testament to our obsession with finance. The best and brightest minds being hired to develop 'smarter' trading algorithms. These are opportunity costs.