Friday, March 25, 2016

Matt Wade — Radical economic ideas grab attention amid low-inflation torpor

Those "radical economic ideas" would be MMT.

Sydney Sunday Morning Herald
Radical economic ideas grab attention amid low-inflation torpor
Matt Wade, Senior writer


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Here is another one from Bloomberg:

"Fiscal and monetary policy makers can cooperate to generate desired inflation. The government can provide stimulus, and the central bank can help by allowing that stimulus to push upward on prices. But the impact is the same whether the government finances the spending with debt or new money. Why confuse matters by talking about helicopters?"

Looks like it is starting to really pick up for MMT. I've noticed wherever I present MMT ideas, the people are somewhat familiar already. They don't know the details but they have heard something about It. I think Mitchell, Wray, Mosler etc chose a right strategy by starting blogging on the internet. It wpuld have never gained any traction with mainstream economists. It will have to get to a point where cab drivers start embarrassing mainstream economists.