Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Pepe Escobar — Brazil, like Russia, under attack by Hybrid War, and more

As the BRICS are the only, real counter power to Exceptionalistan, a strategy had to be developed for each of the major players. Everything was thrown at Russia – from sanctions to full demonization, from a raid on its currency to an oil price war, even including (pathetic) attempts to start a color revolution in the streets of Moscow. For a weaker BRICS node, a more subtle strategy would have to be developed. Which brings us to the complexity of Hybrid War as applied to the current, massive political/economic destabilization of Brazil.
In the UW manual, swaying the perceptions of a vast “uncommitted middle population” is essential in the road to success, so these uncommitted eventually turn against their political leaders. The process encompasses everything from “supporting insurgency” (as in Syria) to “wider discontent through propaganda and political and psychological efforts to discredit the government” (as in Brazil). And as an insurrection escalates, so should the “intensification of propaganda; psychological preparation of the population for rebellion.” That, in a nutshell, has been the Brazilian case.
Brazil, like Russia, under attack by Hybrid War
Pepe Escobar

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André said...

It's very, very easy to create a conspiracy theory. It's much harder to prove it.

Brazil's problems have their origin in Brazil, not in USA. There is no point in blaming a third party.

If USA is behind what's happening in Brazil, they are so exceptionally good at hiding things that I don't know how we still aren't annexed to USA. I am sorry, but Uncle Sam (and anyone in this world) has not enough competence to achieve such a perfect conspiracy plan.

There is a lot of media manipulation, a lot of ignorance and misconceptions from the population, but it’s impossible to believe in what this article is trying to say.

"And suddenly, out of the blue, a regional judge, Sergio Moro, based on a single source - a currency exchange operator in the black market – had access to a major Petrobras document dump. Up to now, the two-year Car Wash corruption investigation has not revealed how they got to know so much about what they dub the “criminal cell” acting inside Petrobras."

Here in Brazil most politicians do not make much effort to hide their illicit actions. Everyone knows who they are and what they do. Some of them are in Interpol list because of past international crimes, and they are still congressmen here in Brazil. Most public servants see in daily routine a lot of nonsensical Procurements that are all about corruption schemes, for example.

The question is the opposite: how they got to avoid investigations and arrests? The answer is simple: bribery all over the system. Bribery in money, political favors, votes in congress, high positions in public institutions, and so on.

Matt Franko said...

This article would never have been written if oil was still over $100...

André said...