Sunday, March 27, 2016 — Brazilian army guarantees stability in response to coup threats

It's come to this.
The General Commander of the Brazilian army assured that the Armed Forces continue to be under the authority of the President Dilma Rousseff, as the Constitution commands.
South Front
Brazilian army guarantees stability in response to coup threats
Published in, translated by Lisbeth Mechter exclusively for SouthFront


André said...

Telesur is part of the desinformation war. Please, do not trust it.

"In the radio program El Comandante responde...". Well, "El" is not even a portuguese word. I don't know if this program exists, but it tells me that the article's writer is not even brazilian and may not be full aware of what is going on around here. But I don't know him/her so I am not sure of that.

The left wing party is accusing the right wing party of a coup d'état. The right wing party is accusing the left of the same. They are all trying to convince the people that the other side is starting a war. It's nonsense. But this sensasionalist sort of thing gets a lot of media attention.

Please don't multiply this.

Of course I am no angel of truth and probably I myself have some sort of bias about the theme, but I will try to give some sort of independent vision about that "coup" nonsense. I believe some readers are interested in developing countries' politics.

Brazil's Constitution allows the impeachment of the president only if she/he commits a crime in her/his current mandate. If she/he did commit a crime in a past mandate of did not commit a crime at all, impeachment is not allowed.

Right wing opposition says that she commited a crime in the current mandate (administrative dishonesty - it's a crime here in Brazil) and are calling for impeachment. Dilma says she did not commit that crime and that the opposition is trying a coup d'état. That will be decided by the Congress and probably by high court judges in a complex legal process. There is no final decision until now, and my personal opinion is that she did not commit the crime.

Dilma suddenly appointed ex-president Lula to be a government minister, so he could have his supposed corruption involvement analyzed by a privileged court, and not the Curitiba State court (presided by Sergio Moro judge, that is convicting all corrupted politicians). A lot of different judges (4 I guess, of different States) have already disallowed the appointment. Right wing politicians says that Dilma was acting illegaly and that she was trying a coup d'état, trying to put the ex-president in power without democratic elections. In my personal opinion, she tried to put Lula as minister just to avoid his judgment, which is inadmissible, but she was not trying to establish a coup.

Whatever is the case, there is no possibility at all of a coup d'état here in Brazil. Time will tell if this will be a possiblity in the future, but now it is all about "media terror".

Tom Hickey said...

Telesur is part of the desinformation war. Please, do not trust it.

Not just telsure. It's being reported worldwide via Agency France-Presse (AFP) news service.

Yahoo News via AFP

Brazil army vows to defend stability in crisisl

Matt Franko said...

Olympics ought to be interesting.....

André said...

Well, I don't know AFP, but it is also doing media sensationalism. If you read the article it seems that Brazil is in the brink of civil war. That's not the case. Things are as bad as they always have been. Not better nor worse.

Sometimes I believe in that famous saying "The man who reads nothing at all is better educated than the man who reads nothing but newspaper"...

Peter Pan said...

"Small earthquake in Brazil. Not many killed."