Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Peter Radford — The Wheel


The Radford Free Press
The Wheel
Peter Radford

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Anonymous said...

There are more books, more articles, more videos and films, more research on this earth than ever before: - we are awash in information. A lot of it is stressful.

And yet there is more ignorance than ever before - we get further and further away, from what it means to be human.

There is no value placed on a human life - no understanding of what it means to be alive.

We do not know how to really appreciate our existence, to appreciate the absolute miracle of being alive; therefore there is no genuine gratitude. In gratitude there is consciousness.

We do not know how to love humanity because we are not in touch with our essence. We think mind is our essence; we think that ego is everything. Ego is just a wave in the mindstuff - you are chasing vapour. Look inside and you will find no worse than what is inside of everyone else. Look outside and you will see nothing bad: - just profane ignorance and stupidity.

The 'I' is confused because it does not know the Self. Only knowledge of the Self can cure that - it begins in the human heart - not mind; not 'information'. It's a different kind of knowing ..... Without knowledge of the Self, ego and mind are like a kite without a string. They will create chaos and chaos will bounce around like billiard balls creating even more chaos.

Look at what has become of 'America', the quality of the 'leadership' - even while you are writing books. All built on the manipulation of 'information'.

Information does nothing for human dignity. Most of the time it just makes the ego thicker. Only the heart can restore the humanity back to the human being. There is some knowledge (non-information) for you ...!