Saturday, March 26, 2016

My stock picking course moved to Saturday, April 2. There is still time to sign up!

Good news! My stock picking course has been moved to Saturday, April 2. You still have time to sign up.

I will be covering value stock selection--how you find high quality, dividend paying companies whose share price is trading below fair value.

In addition it will incorporate concepts of MMT and fiscal flows. These two additional elements will give you confidence and a deep understanding of market moves and the state of the economy. When everyone is panicking you will be calm and able to pick off incredible opportunities.

Similarly, when everyone is euphoric and bullish you will be able to see the danger signs and move to cash before the crowd.

There are a lot of books and courses out there on value stock selection, however, there are NONE that incorporate MMT and fiscal flows. This is the only one.

For more info or, to sign up click below.

Note: I am offering $100 off the price of the course. Use the coupon code $100OFF when you register.

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