Thursday, March 24, 2016

Henry Kirby — Nearly two-thirds of Russians wants Putin as president for another term, poll finds

And most of the rest want either someone to the right of Putin or else a communist.


Malmo's Ghost said...

I'd take him a President of US in a heartbeat. :)

Peter Pan said...

John said...


Most Americans would, but the financial and corporate oligarchy wouldn't. Putin's an unpleasant character but he's exactly what Russia needed after the criminal takeover of Russia by its Mafia oligarchs. America needs a democratic version of Putin, not the violent nationalist that is Putin. Putin is a nationalistic FDR with battery acid. Russia didn't have a democratic tradition. America has. Bernie isn't the man to save America and Trump isn't going to win. America is going to have wait a decade or more before someone appears, preferably at the head of a militant movement, who'll restructure American politics and the economy, a pipe hitting Warren Mosler with brass knuckles in his back pocket!