Monday, August 29, 2016

Miles Mogulescu — Don't Underestimate How Much Steve Bannon Can Damage Hillary Clinton

What you probably don't know about Steve Bannon. Count on him saving his best shots for October.

Don't Underestimate How Much Steve Bannon Can Damage Hillary Clinton
Miles Mogulescu, Campaign for America's Future | Op-Ed


bbbar said...

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Peter Pan said...

Don't Underestimate How Much Damage Hillary Can Sustain and Still End Up Winning the Presidency

The more people become aware of publications like Breitbart, the more convinced they will be that they need to vote for Hillary. The sad thing is that few Trump supporters consider themselves part of the alt-right. Fewer still are aware of the term.

Can a bogeyman stump the trump?

Kaivey said...
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Ryan Harris said...
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Kaivey said...

Typos corrected.

I didn't like the sound of Steve Bannon one little bit, and I didn't like his dirty tricks methods, but I don't like the idea of being radiated by Hilary's chums either. I never thought I would be hoping a conservative would win, and I never thought I would view someone as horrible as Steve Bannon as a savior.

Peter Pan said...

Are the sentiments of angry rural white folks showing up in the polls? Are there enough of them to decide the election?

Ryan Harris said...

The real split is between the coastal elite and the poor middle, red and blue states. Of course there are other divisions, but that is the division that matters for the race. There are only a few areas that cross those lines so it makes it easier for the two-parties to divide and conquer.

Tom Hickey said...

Polls don't present a complete picture of who will actually turn out to vote because they only measure preferences and don't measure intensity. This is the important of a good ground campaign along with motivating the base. The GOP base is highly motivated. A large section of the Democratic base is not only not motivated but demotivated. Bernie is even refusing to turn over his supporter list to the DNC. If he did it would blow a bigger hole in "Our Revolution," whose goal is to defeat Clintonism and the New Democrats, and kick out out the Democratic Establishment in its entirety. HRC is trying to replace the left Democratic base with "moderate" Republicans, just as Bill did the Reagan Democrats. As a result the Democratic Party has come to be the Establishment Party the way the traditional GOP was. The is a huge reversal in US politics with the lower classes the GOP based and the upper classes the Democratic base. Very few pundits seem to be able to get their heads around that.

Whatever happens in the election, the new Godzilla is going to be a new right wing media empire built around trump and run by Steve Bannon and Roger Ailes to take over from Fox. They have a combined new worth to take on Rupert and perhaps bring Alex Jones and talk radio personalities, too. This is not going to be Alt Right as much as Angry Right. HRC made the same mistake as Mitt in attacking "those people." It's really, really energized them and created a brand. She gave them billions in free advertising, and if she wins it could result her getting impeached like Bill. "Those people" are really, really angry and mocking angry people is dangerous. Especially when they have guns. Trump has already alluded to a "Second Amendment" solution, which is not assassination but armed revolution.

This is headed in a crazy direction. The GOP created it with the Southern strategy, and the Democrats have abetted it with their bourgeois liberalism that view the "underclass" as dispensable, only good for cannon fodder.

Six said...

With all due respect, Ryan and Tom, the Republicans only want the votes of poor, rural whites. They don't give half a shit about their economic plight and would joyfully eliminate minimum wage laws and outlaw unions and anything else that might benefit their plight.

Tom Hickey said...

That's true, Six, and the Democrats just want the votes of non-whites. primarily urban. Neither party establishment is actually concerned with doing much for "those people" than tokenism and posturing.

"Those people" of both right and left have just thrown down the gauntlet with Trump, Sanders, Black Lives Matter, etc. and it's not going away. If whoever wins this election tries going back to business as usual, there will be a political backlash.

I have been predicting that the 2020 decade will be the period in which this comes to a head, probably coincident with the next downturn in the cycle. We aren't there yet.

Then there is either going to be "revolutionary" political change that is relatively peaceful, massive repression (I don't see an insurgency getting off the ground given the level of control the security state possesses), or a big war as a distraction.

Ryan Harris said...

Agree Six, Minimum wages would help and the old school Republicans are even worse than Democrats on that.

If you are worker in the private sector in Mississippi chances are that you work in Agriculture, Energy/Mining, Manufacturing or Service, primarily Tourism and Retail.

Given that, Here is Democratic Party Industrial Policy For Those Workers:

Manufacturing - Those jobs are gone, going and never coming back. They were bad jobs anyway, better off having high tech in the west. Go get another college degree.

Agriculture - Cut subsidies, "Free Market" prices dictated by oligopoly processors that hire lots of academic scientists who add most value to the process. Rah Rah No GMO, Apply More Pesticides instead. No antibiotics, kill livestock that get sick instead.

Fossil Fuels/Mining - Bankrupt the miners, shut down the frackers!

Tourism and Retail - You need to get another college degree because anything less and you don't can't earn a living wage. Support subsidies to retailers and food stamps and subsidies for health care because "we're the party that cares".

So, yeah, the issues are complex and supporting Democratic party candidates isn't a slam dunk. There is that other issue of race underneath all this too.

MRW said...

This might surprise those of you who assume Trump's supporters are angry rural white people, poor, or consumed with racial bias.

Stumped by Trump’s success? Take a drive outside US cities by Salena Zito, political columnist for the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review editorial page, and

=========================An interesting aside from the article.
Two components of these voters’ answers and profiles remain consistent: They are middle-class and they do not live in a big city. They are suburban to rural and are not poor — an element I found fascinating, until a Gallup survey last week confirmed that what I’ve gathered in interviews is more than just freakishly anecdotal.

These Trump supporters are not the kind you find on Twitter saying dumb or racist things.

The Gallup analysis, based on 87,000 interviews over the past year, shows that while economic anxiety and Trump’s appeal are intertwined, his supporters for the most part do not make less than average Americans (not those in New York City or Washington, perhaps, but their Main Street peers) and are less likely to be unemployed.