Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Questioning the Underlying Structures of Property and Power is "Off the Table" - Vijay Prashad (2/4)

In part two of Reality Asserts Itself, Paul Jay and Vijay Prashad discuss the limits imposed on questioning the roots of inequality and how those who own the majority of property set the terms for everyone else.

Professor Vijay Prashad is a historian who has studied Carl Marx. He's a socialist, not a communist, but he describes that the best society would combine some socialism with some capitalism. In the US workers are expensive to hire because they have to pay out so much: Health bills, rents and mortgages, travel, good education, college and university, etc. He says that the government should provide these essentials so people can get on with being creative, doing their art, or skills, enjoying their work. The Capitalist part of the economy will work better like this, he says. Basically, Vijay Prashad is arguing for the Basic Income.  

Socialism is the next development on from capitalism where risk of obtaining the essential services is pooled collectively, and then people have a good springboard to go out in the workplace and earn good money, enjoy life, start businesses, and have more leisure time.

Because the One Percent own the banks they can create a near infinite amount of money to be pushed into mortgages. Everyone needs a nice home to live in and as there isn't enough of them the sky is the limit for how much mortgages can go to, so people will just keep bidding up the price of property getting themselves into enormous debt. The market as failed and people have become debt slaves working all hours just to pay the bills, making the One Percent enormously rich. And then they use this money to further corrupt politicians changing the regulations so they can become even more rich, and so on. They have captured the government.

It's time for a change.

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