Wednesday, August 31, 2016


The Europeans slaughtered the native American Indians which is said to be the worst genocide ever. The native Americans  couldn't believe the savagery of the Europeans who they had initially welcomed with gifts. It was custom for different tribes to meet up and exchange gifts which was the way their young would meet new partners preserving variety in the gene pool.

Christopher Columbus shot the first few native Americans he met when they failed to take him to any gold. He said the native Americans were very docile and friendly and so would be easy to overcome and turn into slaves.

There was great and cultured civilizations in Africa too before the Europeans came along but knowledge of this has been banished from history. The idea that Europeans brought civilization was just propaganda.

The film runs out of sound at the end.

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Marian Ruccius said...

Actually, there has been a great amount written in the last 30 years on African civilizations and empires. For instance, take a gander at:

Rulers, Scholars, and Invaders: A Select Bibliography of the Songhay Empire
Brent Singleton
History in Africa
Vol. 31 (2004), pp. 357-368

There has not been any banishment from history, merely from public discourse.