Saturday, September 24, 2016

Chris Hedges: Sabah Alnasseri: Arab Political Thought 2015

Chris Hedges interviews Sabah Alnasseri who explains how ISIS came about. In Iraq Washington disbanded the Iraqi army. the police, and the civil servants and left the civilians at the mercy of bandits. Washington also let the soldiers take their weapons home with them further fueling sectarian violence.  People had no services or a functioning police force and young people found some hope in the Islamic fundamentalists. ISIS offered law and order, the complete sharing of the spoils of war, comradeship, social inclusion, etc. This was very appealing to many young men, although at some stage they are sent to die.  

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Peter Pan said...

I agree that Arab nationalism as epitomized by Baathists and military dictatorships has no hope of unifying the region. They rule from the barrel of a gun, but as far as foreign powers are concerned, that is just fine and dandy.