Monday, September 26, 2016

Trump - Putin:16

I quite liked this picture of this young girl who is full of hope, and it says that there can be peace in the world. It was taken from Think Process, a Democrat site. In the comments section underneath people were saying that Trump is a traitor. What baloney! He's a tough guy, and a patriarch. And like Reagan he could cut a good deal with Russia, and then put an end to ISIS.

I can only think that Think Process is a Neocon funded site pushing 'right wing' neoliberal propaganda. There's two different right wings, the old guard conservatives, now doves, and the Neocon neoliberals, who are the liberal hawks, or Liberal Internationalists as they now call themselves.

The Liberal Interventionists are using liberal values as a cover to push their ultra right wing hawkish politics, regime change, empire, and neoliberalism on the world.  There's nothing liberal or left about them. I read the other day how the 'neo' part just refers to neo classical economics, it doesn't mean New Liberal.

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