Friday, September 23, 2016

Nathan Tankus — The Illustrious Beginnings of Tankus Notes

Hello!My name is Nathan Tankus. I’m a writer and Research Scholar with the Modern Money Network. I’ve started to blog here because I have an overflowing multitude of interdisciplinary interests in economics and social sciences generally that are starting to overwhelm me. I read about a bewilderingly large maze of different topics all connected by a (sometimes loose) relationship to economics. I do this because many different things topics and issues catch my interest at any given time. By blogging here I hope to catalogue things I’ve read since I’m sure I’ve lost track of many interesting papers and ideas from the time I read without cataloguing.
In short this blog will mostly be public notes to myself. I’m making these public because an audience helps to improve my writing, get other people thinking and arguing about things I think are interesting and to provoke others to rethink what they think they know. I will also likely post more formal blog posts meant to garner attention on the results of my research or other projects in relation to MMN.…
Nathan Tankus Notes
The Illustrious Beginnings of Tankus Notes
Nathan Tankus
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