Saturday, September 24, 2016

Joyce Nelson: TISA and the Privatization of Public Services

A very clear look at TISA, which is ruse to override our democracy. The One Percent are trying to ensure that public services can't be brought back into the public domain. As neoliberalism grinds to a halt, where Western zombie economies continue to shuffle along like the living dead, and just as the world is beginning to see Neoconservativatism for what it really is, the One Percent are trying to slip this through while they have a chance. What's alarming is how the ruling political parties are gleefully going along with it - all in on the make, I guess.  We in the West call ourselves democratic, but this is autocratic. If only we really did have a free press in the West. No one wants this neoliberal nightmare.

 A short, concise article, I almost reprinted all of it. This is about half.


A new report reveals the extent to which local governments around the world have been taking services delivery back into the public sector. Water and waste water services, garbage collection, electricity delivery, health services, transit systems, and other services that were contracted-out, partially privatized through public-private partnerships (P3s) or privatized outright are now rapidly being brought back into public control across the globe because privatizations resulted in economic (or other) major problems.
The report, called Back In House: Why Local Governments Are Bringing Services Home, was recently released by the Centre for Civic Governance at the Columbia Institute in Vancouver, B.C.
On the contrary, as I reveal in my new book – Beyond Banksters: Resisting the New Feudalism [2] – the financial oligarchy is particularly focused on increasing privatization and is pushing the trade deals in order to make remunicipalization impossible
This is especially true of the little-known, secret deal called the Trade In Services Agreement (TISA), which the writers of Back In House might not know about. TISA is the back-up deal in case TPP (TransPacific Partnership), TTIP (TransAtlantic Trade and Investment Partnership) and CETA fail.Team TISA
Nick Dearden, director of UK-based Global Justice Now (GJN), calls TISA “a massive super-privatization deal covering everything from finance to education.” [3] TISA focuses on services, not goods, and allows multinational corporations to provide services across national borders by turning public services into commodities run for profit.
As I reveal in Beyond Banksters, TISA was dreamed up by the Global Services Coalition, whose “Team TISA” members include Citigroup, JPMorgan Chase, MetLife, Prudential, Verizon, Wal-Mart, and other corporate titans intent on privatizing the world.[7] Unfortunately, municipalities will be affected by pending trade deals, especially TISA.

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