Friday, September 23, 2016

Rick Sterling — How US Propaganda Plays in Syrian War

U.S. foreign policymakers have experimented at planting propaganda in social media and then citing it as evidence to support their goals, a process now playing out in the Syrian “regime change,” as Rick Sterling explains.
"Propaganda" is the ordinary language term for it. The technical term for it is "making shit up." A corollary is "duping the rubes."

Noam Chomsky calls it "manufacturing consent." The article shows how consent gets manufactured by covert orchestration and then planting in the media echo chamber.

Whatever, it's all about generating a hoax and propagating it. This takes organization and funding. Guess who provides it.

Consortium News
How US Propaganda Plays in Syrian War
Rick Sterling


Ryan Harris said...

I don't know if this is propaganda or not but at some point the human tragedy makes all the leaders, regardless of which side/ideology seem like big a-holes.

Tom Hickey said...

Yes, it is propaganda. James Longman is a BBC "journalist."

Being propaganda doesn't mean that the photo is a hoax. It is carefully selected to produce the desired effect on the audience and activate an R2P (responsibility to protect) response. It is commonplace in neocon and liberal interventionist propaganda. The purpose is to soften people up for commitment of troops at the cost of blood and treasure.

Peter Pan said...

Americans are opposed to "boots on the ground" in Syria, assuming that their opinion matters.

Kaivey said...

Neocon, Neoliberal, Liberal Interventionists, they change their name all the time like ISIS does.