Thursday, December 29, 2016

Alan Fleischmann — It’s Time For CEOs To Be the New Leaders of the World

Because capitalism.

Alan Fleischmann is talking his book.

It’s Time For CEOs To Be the New Leaders of the World
Alan H. Fleischmann is Founder, President & CEO of Laurel Strategies, a global business advisory and strategic communications firm


Greg said...

He means overtly.

Everyone already knows that certain CEOs of certain companies already make all the decisions, mostly of banks, energy companies and defense/tech companies.

Maybe it would be an improvement for them to be more open about their control and to get MORE CEOs involved, not just those from GE, Boeing, Exxon, BOA. I have no doubt that there are many CEOs who have a strong alignment to many of the values most of us here at MNE share. There are many who dont see them selves as miracle workers, job creators etc. They understand the way a modern market economy works and while they may not be fully on board with MMT principles they also get that govt and public resources are NOT the enemy of free enterprise and are in fact complementary if managed correctly.

Joe said...

I don't know who this Fleischmann guy is, but i sure hope no one takes him seriously. He's like maria bartiromo crossed with Tom Friedman. The depths of human delusion know no bounds. There's no telling what kind of dangerous ideas a person like that could come up with.

Peter Pan said...

Liberal minded CEOs please step forward. The unwashed masses need you!