Friday, December 30, 2016

The Evidence to Impeach Donald Trump May Already Be Here

The left can't wait to get the impeachment ball rolling. But the problem is that three's no legal basis to stand on other than the emoluments clause.
But with the exception of the Emoluments Clause, which provides a pathway to impeachment if Trump seeks gifts from foreign agents, few laws govern the president’s behavior,
But you can be sure that Trump's enemies will be looking for any opening they can find or create.


Noah Way said...

It's not just the DEMs, it's the GOP too. All the Deep State MIC stooges are lined up against him. Trump doesn't stand a chance.

John said...

What passes for the so-called "left" (acolytes of identity politics) are nothing more than pussies. They won't do anything. Team Trump would eat them alive for breakfast on a bad day.

I wouldn't put it past the right to do something. The right may be nutty but they're not pussies, and clearly they dislike Trump more than the pussy lefties.

Penguin pop said...

Yeah, I'd say the old guard of the GOP and all the NeverTrumpers detest Trump the most. You can see that with Lindsey Graham and John McCain and several others. Sarah Palain for Christ's sake jumped off the TrumpTrain a few weeks ago to criticize Trump's "crony capitalist" Carrier deal. There will be competition between the Trumper wing of the party and the other divisions, much like with what's going with the Democrats and the Berniecrats vs. the Clintonistas, but with Schumer and Pelosi running the party, they will cave in easily to most of what Trump wants to do anyway.