Friday, December 30, 2016

Rustem Falyakhov — Russia to be cleaned up by Putin

While the US prepares to gut the EPA, Russia gears up an environmental clean-up drive spearheaded by Vladimir Putin. China is already well into its own under the aegis of Xi Jinping. US under the Trump administration headed backward?

Russia & India Report
Russia to be cleaned up by Putin
Rustem Falyakhov,,


Penguin pop said...

Maybe there's a way to manipulate Trump to compete with China and Russia on being pro-environment and pushing the US in that direction BIG LEAGUE. Left-wing people will want to take note and point this out to him and convince him that this is gonna make him look a weakling compared to his friend Putin and greatest enemy China.

I'm thinking about what Matt said the other day about bringing these issues to Trump's attention when the results show that there has been no improvement.

Noah Way said...

Never happen here, there's no money it it. Socially and environmentally progressive programs are a drag on capitalism.

Ryan Harris said...
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