Thursday, December 22, 2016

Edward Harrison — More on the coming trade war with China

Well, if we have to have war, I'd rather it be a trade war with China rather than a real war with Russia, which was in the cards with HRC.

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More on the coming trade war with China
Edward Harrison


Chinese media alarmed at Trump trade adviser, warn of U.S. showdown

Thucydides trap?
Peoples Daily
Trump appoints ‘Death by China’ author to lead new U.S. trade council
By Curtis Stone (People's Daily Online)


Penguin pop said...

I think the real war will come with Iran at some point. Trump's looking to increase nuclear capabilities, and I have a feeling that's what it's leading up to, or maybe even something to do with wanting to "take the oil" from Iraq.

If the war in Iran goes completely wrong, it could be detrimental to Trump's chances of reelection in 2020 IMO, just like how damaging Vietnam was for LBJ.

Ryan Harris said...

China is pretty aggressive in trade policy. I doubt they are too worried about playing a little hard ball on negotiations.

They were probably more surprised when Clintons, Bush and Obama didn't care one way or the other about trade, except to secure access to Chinese markets for their corporate contributors without more than a passing thought about domestic issues.

Noah Way said...

The neocon/neoliberal cabal will be running foreign policy one way or the other. Iran is the next target of the US-backed Israeli-Saudi alliance to dominate the Middle East. As Russia and China are now supporting Syria and Iran any trade war with China can be considered further excuse for military misadventure.

Postkey said...

Alan Tonelson comments that US industry giants were/are transferring technology {much with defence implications} to China.

plus ça change, plus c'est la même chose?

Ryan Harris said...
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