Wednesday, December 21, 2016

George Eliason — Russia Hacking the Election the Inside Story

We know by now that Alexandra Chalupa was the person in charge of the Democratic National Committee’s “ethnic outreach” efforts. According to Yahoo News, she was one of the 16 people that shaped the national election in 2016. In the Yahoo story journalist Michael Isikoff described her as a normal person that shaped history.
Alexandra Chalupa has been the voice behind saying Russia illegally interfered with the election. And according to her story, she was almost hacked repeatedly while researching Paul Manafort. The Democrats say this caused the Clinton defeat. No one explained why “researching” Paul Manafort, an American, would excite Russian attention.
Strangely, every article about her neglects to mention that Chalupa and her family are not Democrats as suggested. Instead they are admitted ultra-nationalists bent on sending America to war with Russia by any means possible. And they are vocal about it.
None of the articles connect the fact that the Clinton loss is personal for the Chalupa family. At least 2 of them were going to the White House as advisors and cabinet members….
The Ukrainian nationalist connection. Backgrounder on OUN Bandera.

Washington's Blog
Russia Hacking the Election the Inside Story
George Eliason, an American journalist living in Ukraine


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The only thing you can really believe is that you can't believe anything. In other words the disinformation campaign has been a stunning success, far exceeding expectations.

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Amazing story.