Friday, December 30, 2016

Trump Forced to Choose Between Obama Sanctions and Putin Detenteby

We'll see in less that a month how big Trump's cojones are. The bipartisan war party is challenging his leadership. My money is on DJT jamming to them again. You can bet "the Donald" is taking names and making a list, as in "getting even."

The next four years is shaping up to be one amazing reality show with DJT not even inaugurated yet. It looks to make the campaign pale in comparison. Steve Bannon thinks so too.


Magpie said...

Just a little quibble. I think there was a typo: I think you meant to type cOjones: balls.

cAjones means drawers or boxes. Although they, too, can come in different sizes. :-)

Noah Way said...

DJT will fold to the MIC. He's already indicated as much in various comments including "listening" to what the CIA says about Russia.

Penguin pop said...

So far on his Twitter, Trump is still praising Putin. I can see him going into much more counterpunching in the next year, which will drive the media crazier.

Tom Hickey said...

Just a little quibble. I think there was a typo

Thanks. My Spanish is more than a little rusty.

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