Saturday, June 10, 2017

Andre Vltchek: U.S. “Jihadi Express”: Indonesia – Afghanistan, Syria, Philippines

I told my friend about the article, Path to Hell: Daesh in the Philippines is a US Project, but he wouldn't believe any of it. He said that Trump was too stupid to have a coherent foreign policy and that I was reading too much into it. He's a Guardian reading liberal who watched the John Pilger film, The Coming War with China, and was shocked, but he couldn't believe the article above that I told him about. I didn't send any of it to him as our communication was by text, I just explained it. So even when presented with the truth, Western people have trouble believing it. My friends think I believe in conspiracy theories and read fake news.

Now I have another article on how the US sponsors terrorism all over the world. The Jihadists hate communism because it is atheist and to them, anything secular is communist. Andre Vitchek talks to an Afghan fighter leader who is completely clueless about the world. He thinks the US installed government in Afghanistan is communist and that's why he fights it. When you read how stupid his thinking is, you will be shocked. He understands nothing, except secularism is "communist and atheist" and so it must be fought. He's entirely brainwashed with one narrative.

Huda could easily pass for the most knowledgeable Indonesian “expert on terrorism”; a Muslim man who grew up and was educated in the madrasahs that have produced some of the most notorious jihadi cadres in the country. Later he became the man who managed to ‘get away’ from the extremism, to study, and to finally become a respected filmmaker and a thinker.

For years, both of us have been studying a complex web produced by Western imperialism – a web, which has literally destroyed entire countries, while locking other ones ‘behind bars’, in virtual neo-colonialist slavery. All this done in the name of ‘freedom’ and democracy, naturally, and often using various religions as tools, even as weapons.

While the name ‘jihad’ itself has been used habitually and ‘liberally’ all over the Western mainstream media, it was clear to all of us at the table that behind the brutal combat as well as most of the horrors unleashed in such places like Syria and Philippines, hidden are the geopolitical interests of the West in general and of the United States in particular.

Professor Soleh has explained the latest ‘dynamics’:

“Since World War Two, the U.S. was afraid of so-called ‘domino effects’. Among other things that are now happening in the Philippines under president Duterte, the government is curbing activities of the multi-national mining conglomerates, and the West cannot accept that. Philippines are putting its environmental concerns above the short-term profits! For the millions of left-wing activists here in Indonesia and all over Southeast Asia, Duterte is a role model.”

Therefore, following the imperialist logic, the Philippines have to be attacked and destabilized, as has already been done to Syria. Defiance is punishable by death. And how else other than through the most effective weapons which the West has been utilizing for years and decades: extremist religious terrorist groups. What better assembly of fighters to choose for that difficult task than the jihadists from the groups that had already proven to be so effective and lethal in places such as Afghanistan?

By now, almost nobody who is at least to some extent informed on the subject has any doubts that the West is mainly interested in maintaining ‘perpetual conflict’ in several regions of the world. As Professor Soleh observes:

ZAnd President Duterte is committing an ‘unpardonable crime’ in the eyes of Washington and London, by trying to resolve the territorial conflict with China, as quickly and efficiently as possible.


Tom Hickey said...

It's very difficult to convince people in the West of this, since deep down they realize that their own prosperity rests on this policy. So they have a bias toward believing the propaganda that is disseminated to support their governments' neo-imperial and neocolonial policy.

Vitchek is also an interesting person. Check him out.

Kaivey said...

It's like the Franklin Scandal, it's too crazy to believe. I watched the Yorkshire Television documentary which they weren't allowed to show. A rough version eventually ended up on the internet.