Friday, June 2, 2017

More US media propaganda

In April the New York Times, published this bullshit: Russian Hackers Who Targeted Clinton Appear to Attack France’s Macron….
That NYT report was complete nonsense....
That isn't just me saying so. It is the head of France's cyber security agency:
Moon of Alabama
France Debunks "Russian Hacking" Claims - Clinton Again Loses It
The veracity of alleged “Russian hacking fingerprints” reported by cyber firm Crowdstrike on the DNC’s servers have been facing renewed scrutiny in recent weeks. If it can be proven that evidence of “Russian Hacking” had been simulated by the creators of Guccifer 2.0, then the essential fabric of the ‘Russian Hacking’ narrative would unravel. The creation of Guccifer 2.0, and the intent behind its creation, may have a profound effect on establishing the real source of the DNC leaks.
The website G2-Space by Adam Carter has become a repository for documents relating to Guccifer 2.0, who asserts that the alleged hacker was an artificial creation intended to associate Russian involvement with the DNC leaks.… 
Disobedient Media spoke to Rob Colbert in order to better evaluate Carter’s statements. Colbert is the CTO/Platform Architect at Disobedient Media. He told us that the data and explanations given by Carter are factually accurate and reproducible. He added that the data does not prove causation at this point, and does not appear to prove intent, at this stage. Rob did not see proof of intent in the sense of a “smoking gun” in the data currently available, but confirmed for the author that the data presented by Carter thus far appears to be accurate....
Disobedient Media
Did Guccifer 2.0 Fake “Russian Fingerprints?”
Elizabeth Vos
The United States has bombed Syrian government–allied forces three times in just eight months. Major media outlets have overwhelmingly failed to ask critical questions about these incidents, preferring instead to echo the Pentagon.

For years, media have consistently downplayed the extent of US military intervention in Syria, and repeatedly propagated the long-debunked myth that Washington never pursued regime change there in the first place. The distorted reporting on these US attacks reflects this longer trend.
On May 18, the US military launched an air raid against forces allied with the Syrian government, killing several soldiers. The Trump administration claimed Syrian- and Iranian-backed militias had entered a 55-kilometer (34-mile) “deconfliction zone” around a base in southern Syria, near the borders of Iraq and Jordan, where the US trains opposition fighters.
Yet US officials also later admitted that they do not themselves recognize the legitimacy of these de-escalation zones—even while using them to justify carrying out such attacks.
No major media outlets questioned the government narrative, or the notion that the Syrian-allied forces were a “threat.”…
Media should be asking critical questions about US military intervention in Syria and beyond. Instead, they are downplaying US involvement and relaying Pentagon press releases.
Same with the claims of Assad's use of chemical weapons. No consideration of counter-evidence.

Same with MH17.

Same with.…

After US Bombs Syrian Government for Third Time in 8 Months, Media Ask Few Questions
Ben Norton
This is a complete misrepresentation of Putin’s words. Putin made no such ‘suggestion’. As the full text of his comments shows he made no reference to the US Presidential election at all. As for hacking, as my colleague Adam Garrie correctly says, Putin on the contrary categorically denied that the Russian state ever engages in hacking.
All that did Putin was discuss in response to a question the universally known fact that some hackers are Russians, and speculate that sometimes they might hack from a patriotic motive. However he emphatically denied that the Russian state directs their activities and he did not admit – because by his own admission he does not know – that Russian hackers have ever been involved in any politically motivated hack.
My colleague Adam Garrie has provided a video of Putin’s comments. Here is the official translation provided by the Kremlin website both of the question which was put to Putin and of his answer to that question which the New York Times so completely misrepresents...
The Duran
The New York Times misrepresents Putin’s denial Russia hacks into admission it does
Alexander Mercouris

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