Friday, June 9, 2017

Nathan Huffine: The Lies Behind Trump Impeachment | Corporate Slave Mike Pence

I don't know who Nathan Huffine is, who seems to new on the scene. He's a small government guy, a global warming denier, admires Trump and Corbyn but wouldn't vote for them, and seems to be pro Russian and likes Putin. In this video he sticks up for government social security, so I don't know where to place him politically.

Here he talks about how Trump still stands for many of the things he said he stood for during the election campaign, like obtaining peace with Russia, and so the establishment are trying to remove him. But he says Pence will be much worse.

NSA Leak From Reality Winner Fake?

After Reality Winner leaks a classified NSA document with "discoveries" from the Russian Probe, people on the internet claim that the truth has finally been exposed. But there's one BIG problem. The leak is totally insignificant. Check it out for yourself:

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CO said...

Why did Nathan Huffine disappear from Social Media? is it because of his views too toxic for some?