Friday, June 9, 2017

Route of Coup Against Venezuela Begins at ExxonMobil

The US accuses Russia of meddling in Elections, but again Washington -on behalf of ExxonMobil that pays politicians to do its dirty work - is organising sanctions and a possible coup against the Venezuelan government. The Oil Curse - which destroyed Libya (which also had stacks of gold and silver), Iraq now Syria -  is now moving against Venezuela. The US is trying to stop China and Russia buying Venezuelan oil. As the Middle East oil supplies gets exhausted, the Venezuelan oil reserves, which are the largest in the world, becomes even more attractive to predators like ExxonMobil. Western Capitalism is plunder, war, wage slavery, and hell on Earth. It is Satan. Do good honest Conservatives know what they are voting for?

After Venezuela nationalised its oil fields:

Under Tillerson’s command, the U.S. company decided not to renegotiate its oil projects like the one belonging to Cerro Negro in Monagas with state-owned PDVSA, according to the new directives after nationalization. ExxonMobil sued PDVSA at the ICSID — the World Bank court to resolve investment disputes — seeking compensation in the amount of US$20 billion back in 2007.
After nearly a decade-long legal battle, reviews and appeals to various verdicts, on March 10, 2017, the ICSID decided that the lawsuit of ExxonMobil contained irregularities and freed PDVSA of paying any damages. The northern oil company suffered perhaps the biggest legal defeat of its history with this ruling in favor of the Venezuelan state.

Exxon Brand Politicians

ExxonMobil — as well as any other large international company from the United States — contracts politicians to exert influence within the structure of U.S. government according to their interests. So-called lobbying is legal in that country, and companies seeking to modify or pass laws for their benefit (tax exemption, removal of regulations, federal government subsidies, etc.) pay large sums of money to politicians (a large quantity of Republicans in the case of ExxonMobil) and lobby firms.
According to Open Secrets, in the 2016 cycle, the oil company invested financial resources to endorse more than a dozen politicians for these purposes. These included Donald Trump (current U.S. president, who appointed Rex Tillerson as secretary of state) with US$25,461, Marco Rubio with US$17,701 and Ed Royce with US$7,500.

Senator Marco Rubio from Florida and California Representative Ed Royce have not only introduced sanctions against Venezuela a key point in their legislative agenda, they have also met — on several occasions — with Venezuelan opposition leaders — such as Luis Florido, Lilian Tintori, Freddy Guevara, among others — to show them political support and diplomatic endorsement to the overthrowing agenda they lead on the ground.

But the attack on Venezuela reveals a geopolitical key: The U.S. urgently need to overthrow Petrocaribe not only to break the Venezuela’s international alliances but to transform the Caribbean into a powerful port to import liquefied U.S. gas (ExxonMobil is one of the leading exporters), leading to the continent’s energy and geopolitical domination. The coup against Venezuela is a maneuver to ensure the continent as an area of exclusive influence on the penetration of Russian and Chinese capital and investment.

The Coup:

The coup d’etat against Venezuela was not decided by the Venezuelan opposition but by the largest oil company on the planet; the framework of action of someone like Freddy Guevara or Julio Borges is limited to their condition of subordinates. If intervention by delegation fails, direct intervention (on an economic and financial scale) using positions of power and spheres of influence in the U.S. government, are even less visible.

The oil company, which truly executes the bulk of the maneuvers, has the U.S. secretary of state, a portfolio of right-wing representatives and senators — including Donald Trump — with influence in Congress and lobbying firms to impose its political and economic interests as a U.S. foreign policy against Venezuela.

CaribFlame: Route of Coup Against Venezuela Begins at ExxonMobil


Tom Hickey said...

Do good honest Conservatives know what they are voting for?

Some do, and I have heard them say so.

The position is that the US got to the top first and should keep everyone else down far enough to prevent a challenge to the US global monopoly on power and wealth, including access to resources. This is includes going to war over it. This is really what Vietnam was really about, not spreading freedom and making the world safe for democracy.

Kaivey said...

I've met those Conservatives. Some are a**soles like that. They don't care because they think it's fair game. But there are lots of moderate conservatives that instinctively vote right due to upbringing and culture who might change their mind if they knew what we do.