Wednesday, June 21, 2017

RT — Europe must defend ‘liberal world order,’ limit Chinese & Russian influence – German minister

Europe should do more as a guardian of "liberal world order" because the US is starting to take a "skeptical" view of that role, German Finance Minister Wolfgang Schaeuble said, adding that China and Russia must be limited in their influence.

"If the United States is starting to take a skeptical view of its role as the guardian of global order – and we've already seen hints of this in recent years – then I would see this as a call to action directed at Europe, including Germany," Schaeuble said in a speech at the American Academy in Berlin, a think tank that promotes US-German ties.
He went on to state that China and Russia should not be allowed to step up to the plate when it comes to "filling the gaps left by the US."
“I doubt whether the United States truly believes that the world order would be equally sound if China or Russia were to fill the gaps left by the US, and if China and Russia were simply given a free hand to dominate the spheres of influence that they have defined for themselves,” Schaeuble said during the Tuesday speech.
“That would be the end of our liberal world order. This order is still the best of all possible worlds [and] it does not matter if you look at it from ethical, political or economic [points of view]. And we want this order to keep moving forward, or at least not see it weakened," he continued.
Russian President Vladimir Putin previously slammed Washington in 2015 for "attempts to create a unipolar world," implying that the US is attempting to dominate world affairs.
Are Western leaders gearing up for war to preserve the Western hegemony that has dominated the world beginning in 16th century? Or is the Wolfgang Schaüble talking out of the wrong hole again?

WTF gives the West the right to determine the world order? Is that liberal?

Another of the paradoxes of liberalism with paternalism masquerding as liberalism.

Europe must defend ‘liberal world order,’ limit Chinese & Russian influence – German minister


Kaivey said...

Liberals that are warmongers. It should be a contradiction, it's particularly acrid.

Bob said...

Herr Schaüble is out of tune with Merkel and Macron. Europe cannot defend world order without Russian gas ;)

Kaivey said...

We love the Russians.

Ralph Musgrave said...

Germany is rapidly being overrun by a totally ILLIBERAL political movement: Islam. And Scheuble, a German wants Europe to defend liberalism??? Ha ha.

That's almost as hilarious as Scheuble's recent claim that Muslims are "tolerant". Anyone know what's "tolerant" about female genital mutilation, murdering cartoonists and authors, tossing gays off the top of tall buildings, murdering or abusing apostates, abducting school girls (as in Nigeria), blowing up churches? I could go on, and on, and on, and on. But that'll do for now.

Kaivey said...

In a sane world, Saudi Arabia would have sanctions placed on it, and more moderate regime encouraged.