Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Stephen Lendman's Blog Has Been Removed

Stephen Lendman's blog has been removed. I don't know why yet, and so far there is nothing on the internet about it. Paul Craig Robert's says his site also always has problems too, which he thinks might be a technical hitch, but he's not sure. I haven't been able to contact PCR through his site for over a week now.


Kaivey said...

Stephen Lendman has a new site:


Jan said...

Steve had someone insert an unauthorized supposed fundraiser (without Steve's knowledge or permission) on his old blog. He tried to have it removed, and then had trouble with formatting his old site to the way it was. I was one of the donors, and am trying to get my money refunded from the person who did this to Steve.

Thanks for the new link, Kalvey, but I fear many of his previous readership may not realize he's back.