Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Thomas S Harrington: Muslims are Very Strange People

The Oil Curse.

A summery of all the looting and destruction of the Middle East by the West. We smashed the ME back to the medieval Middle ages, destroying democracies and secular tolerant regimes and installing intolerant Islamic regimes instead, while all the time saying we promote democracy.

The clever people in the Western media must know what happening but they stay quite, while journalists like John Pilger are said to be left wing trouble makers who are bad people. While other sites which state the truth are said to be 'fake news' outlets. If Jeremy Paxman read this article I wonder what he would think? Some people on the right believe might is right. They don't tell people publically, that they have a brutal, imperialistic view of the world. They say it's fair game to take what they can.

How does the ruling elite get away with it, that they can blanket bomb East Asia back to the stone ages killing millions of people and then install puppet regimes which teach young children at school how the US saved them from the 'brutal communists', so that millions of children grow up not knowing what really happened to their country.

And so we in the West get fed the same narrative and believe in the goodness of our leaders who stand for 'democracy, decency, and fairness'. If only that was true. It's as if Satan controls the West.

In the 1950s, a charismatic Egyptian army officer named Nasser got tired of having his country and its resources, including the strategically located Suez Canal, treated as British properties on which their native presence was tolerated only insofar as they showed proper deference to the foreign Sahibs. He thus began to educate his people, including the country’s women, in secular and modern ways, and made moves to nationalize important elements of the country’s means of production thus keeping Egyptian wealth in the country for Egyptians, while at the same time encouraging Arabs in neighboring countries to do the same.

His efforts were greeted with an unprecedented campaign of demonization and, in 1956, a French, British and Israeli invasion of his country. He continued undeterred in his efforts and 11 years later, was treated, despite what you might have read and been told elsewhere, to another unprovoked attack by the Israelis.

In the wake of his death, the Western powers succeeded in finally putting a “reliable” satrap by the name of Anwar Sadat in power in that country. For the last 40 years the satrapy he institutionalized, supported by billions of dollars of bribes from the US, has systematically betrayed the most basic aspirations of the great majority of the Egyptian people. As they starved and the country’s once encouraging leap into modernity stalled, a grotesque and bullying class of parasites weaned on the pork of American “aid” grew fat and happy. Egyptian dedication to the aspirations of freedom and non-colonial dignity among other Arab nations was replaced with slavish loyalty to US, Saudi, and Israeli strategic interests.

In 20ll, after having recently rehabilitated the reputation of Moammar Gaddafi, a man who had brought Libya, if not to a state of shining democracy akin to  that which exists in Saudi Arabia, to a relatively high  standard of living and secular tolerance, the US and its European vassals suddenly turned on him and invaded his country, turning it into rubble and generating—surprise, surprise—an orgy of internecine fighting.

The stated Allied reason for the destruction of the country was that the Libyan strong man was murdering his own citizens.  But the real reasons were that a) Libya had some of the most easily accessible high quality crude in the world b) Gaddafi had not been a consistently dependable backer of US geopolitical initiatives and c)  as an email written from Sidney Blumenthal to then Secretary of State Hillary Clinton makes clear, the Libyan ruler had some of the biggest known silver and gold reserves in the world, stores that he  planned to use to back the creation of a pan-African currency that would free the enormous and much abused continent and all its resources form the tyranny of both the French-controlled CFA Franc and the US dollar system with its well-known mechanisms (IMF, World Bank) for taming/enslaving nations that refuse play their rightful role as servants to US-led international capitalism.

Oddly enough, this calculated destruction of Libya and its leader’s dreams for a life free of subservience to the US and it European underlings made some Muslims angry.

Clearly, there is something deeply sick about a culture where emotions like this can arise and be brought to such open fruition over the mere matter of a premeditated patriacide.

After destroying Libya, the US and its allies used the same playbook in Syria, seizing upon some protests against the country’s secular, albeit not terribly kind, leadership to foment a raging civil war in the country. The US hope was to scare the Assad government into an early collapse. However, when it became clear he would fight back, the US and its allies fell back of the strategy they had used to great effect in the Iran-Iraq war: prolonging the war indefinitely through strategic arms shipments to its various warring groups.  Indeed, US intelligence, in an act of economizing that should warm the hearts of all US taxpayers, also set up a so-called “rat line” to run caches of arms seized in the destruction of Libya to its chosen rebel groups in Syria.

The overall goal here?

To insure the maximum degree of physical destruction and human misery in Syria so that the country would not be able to challenge Israeli and US hegemony in the region for several generations to come.

Incredibly, this cold-blooded destruction of one the most sophisticated, multicultural nations in the Islamic world, not to mention the endless flow of miserable refugees it has produced, has made some Muslims angry and desirous of revenge.

This, of course, demonstrates just how big the moral gulf is that separates these Islamic  “animals” from people like us.

Needless to say, the only option we have in the face of all this madness is to wage an endless war on these very different people whose way of reacting to events is, as I have clearly shown,  completely different than that of all other normal and civilized  people in the world.


John said...

Kaivey, that's very nicely written up. The people of the Middle East can get their home in order if we let them. The Arab spring was crushed, but it'll be back. Meanwhile the real enemies who crush us here at home and murder at will abroad need to have their backs broken and then their throats ripped out. No doubt you know who to vote for tomorrow! I only hope the opinion polls are accurate and a hung parliament is a strong possibility, but that does demand the lazy youths come out and vote in their own interests rather than bemoaning their life prospects as they slosh another pint down their stupid gullets.

Kaivey said...

Yep, I will be voting for Corbyn tomorrow. No one knows what we know here. People are not that interested, but they might be if we had a true independent press.

Years ago John Pilger wrote in the Daily Mirror about Cambodia and a film called Killing Fields was made about it. If we had an independent media articles like the one above appear in the Guardian, the Independent, The Daily Mirror and other mainstream leftists papers if there were any as there should be. But now the media is owned by 6 corporations, and the old who need social services and healthcare more than most have been brainwashed with Brexit to vote Conservative.