Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Brian Whitmore — The Daily Vertical: Why Navalny Can't Lose (Transcript)

Just how is this different from RT and Sputnik International? Oh, right, it's "us" and not "them."

In facts, this is basically fake news to promote Navalny. Navalny has virtually no constituency in Russia, where Putin is overwhelming popular. In the case of a change of government is almost no chance that Navalny would be in the running to take the reins. He is unqualified to run a county, especially the size and complexity of Russia.

Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty
The Daily Vertical: Why Navalny Can't Lose (Transcript)
  • Brian Whitmore


MRW said...

Your comment is dead-on, Tom. Navalny is the Jill Stein, if that, of Russian political life.

MRW said...

Actually, I think that's offensive to Jill Stein. Probably closer to a Maxine Waters (CA) or a Steve King (CO).