Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Denis Churilov — Sanctions - Western elites grasp at the last straws of hegemony

Let’s now take a look at the latest sanctions bill from a wider historical and geopolitical perspective.

Note that what the US calls "the rules-based liberal world order under freedom and democracy," critics call "US global hegemony" and "world dominance." What the critics call "the American Empire," the US calls "the free world."

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Kaivey said...

Well, that's exactly how I see it, and it's horrible. The Neocons are quite happy to set the Middle in flames with crazed jihadists and them send them into Russia and China. In other words, to put half the world into war. And here we have the liberal press, including the Guardian, all supporting mass terror and evil. It is total evil.

If you read this blog regularly you will see how the US is Evil and probably always has been. Kennedy was a good guy so they got rid of him.

It is difficult for good to beat evil. Evil plays by no rules and will murder, it will bribe, it will play underhand. It will set the world alight killings hundreds of millions, maybe billions.

But what's so laughable is that this evil presents itself as the 'good guys'. And yet it is obvious to anyone that looks what is going on. It beats me how they get away with it, but they have the media on their side, and capitalism makes people work so hard that they have little time think about politics.

We once had some newspapers which did give the news. John Pilger used to write for the Mirror and people back then took an interest in politics and newspapers gave them diverse opinions. Nowadays most people take no interest in politics. I go out with my girlfriend and her friends for a meal. They will complain about how hard it is at work now, how they have been put on short term contracts, how tough their company is, how they are spending more and more time at work, and then they will complain about the Labour Party and then say that they vote Tory. They have no idea what's going on the world and have no idea about how much they are being exploited, or why their mortgages are so high so they are always poor.