Saturday, August 5, 2017

Glenn Greenwald — Brazil’s Corrupt Congress Protects its Bribe-Drenched President, Finalizing Elites’ Two-Year Plot

Just imagine the most extreme, primitive cartoon version of a gleefully hypocritical moralizer – a preacher who leaves his weekly whorehouse orgy to go directly to Sunday church to rail against hell-bound sinners – and you’ll have a perfect vision of the majority faction that sanctimoniously paraded itself that day. The slime that oozes from their pores is palpable....
The Intercept
Brazil’s Corrupt Congress Protects its Bribe-Drenched President, Finalizing Elites’ Two-Year Plot
Glenn Greenwald

Because Brazil is a beacon of freedom democracy and lack of corruption. (snark)

Unbelievable chutzpah!

Sputnik International
Mercosur Suspends Venezuela's Membership After Brazil's Request


Kaivey said...

Human beings have scintillating intelligence and are capable of doing great things. Our lives could be peaceful and people could live pleasant lives. But sadly organised crime and psychopaths run the world and all they care about is money. Ordinary people are too nice to win against the ruthlessness of the ruling elite. You might fight the criminal elite by going by the law and democracy, but the ruling elite may even try to assassinate you.

This is why it is so difficult to win against the Intel, you will be fair and they will play dirty.

jrbarch said...

The ‘ruling elite’ are human, even though they do things that are not people or planet friendly.

They represent success in broad terms of evolution; rising above the masses through concentration and focus, to make manifest their limited and self-centred ideals. They have wrought command over their physical, emotional, mental and personality nature, to use the disciplined and integrated persona as a tool to fashion and satisfy their desire. They use their minds and emotions, the physical infrastructure, and a conditioned societal approved and weighted sense of importance of self, to condition what they want people to think, feel, and act. They rule those whom they have risen above and see it as their natural right. They are ‘world leaders’ and the people should follow. They are a ‘force’ and they know how to use force. Lying is a natural gambit to them. They are however, not innovators and leaders of humanity. They are certainly not the brightest kids on the block. They survive through misuse and manipulation of power; not active intelligence or a love for humanity. Like the dinosaurs, their days are numbered. The people watch them and learn. The fires of the elite are burning all over the world, and people do not like what they see. Why should humanity suffer and live in pain?

That is why the idea of peace is so important in the world today. There are also many personalities in the world with even greater discipline and integration, who love Life. Where the elite use force, we need to use the most powerful energy there is in the human domain – call it our humanity; call it nobility of human spirit. The people’s instincts are good – they just need the right stimulation. 7.5B people are 7.5B reasons for peace; think of the budget there could be for peace! There is no greater creative energy in the human soul, than the yearning to live in peace; it has been there, in the background, since the day we set foot from the jungles, seeking to be civilised. Breathe life into that fire, one by one, and all of the others will just fizzle out. The Russians secret weapon is humour – dark maybe; but they know how to survive.