Saturday, August 12, 2017

The Battle for Venezuela and Its Oil — Jeremy Scahill interviews Eva Golinger

EG: Because while there is a state reaction taking place, there is repression with tear gas and rubber bullets, you’re not seeing the other side of it, which is that those are not exactly peaceful democratic protests. There are smaller factions. I mean, there are parts of the opposition in Venezuela that act within a democratic framework, but there is a very violent faction that’s gotten out of control. It’s anarchical. I mean, they where they’re using Molotov cocktails, homemade bombs and weapons, and they’re using them against the state security forces.
So I mean, I always think about it is, if this were happening in Washington D.C. or even here in the in the streets of New York where I am, I mean, it wouldn’t last more than an hour....
The Intercept
The Battle for Venezuela and Its Oil
Jeremy Scahill interviews Eva Golinger

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Ironically, Trump has been hammering his generals on losing in Afghanistan and suggested an interest in a total pullout. Yet, he then said that he was considering an intervention in Venezuela — a move that could unite the country behind Maduro and hand him the very victory that has eluded him.
Maduro can now take that statement to Venezuela’s new Constituent Assembly as he demands unchecked powers.
Jonathan Turley
Trump Declares That Military Options Are Being Considered in Venezuela
Jonathan Turley | Shapiro Professor of Public Interest Law at George Washington University


Kaivey said...

Mankind has a despicable nature which we don't notice in our advanced modern societies which had come about after centuries of class struggle. Venezuela is am oil rich country so every bandit, good for nothing, or psychopath wants to get hold of that wealth, and they will do anything for it. Venezuela may always have trouble finding peace and stability.

The old ruling class, who are of European descent, stole the country's wealth centuries ago and now believe they are the rightful owners of all of Venezuela's natural resources.

The US, the good guys, doesn't defend the aspirations of ordinary people like it pretends to do, it wants the wealth of Venezuelan oil pouring into Wall Street rather than benefiting its poor whose land was stolen centuries ago.

jrbarch said...

Human nature is exactly 50% good and exactly 50% bad. In everyone - and there are no exceptions. I know this because each one of us has chosen one or the other, countless times.

Of course, the Hindus have 33M gods to blame it on; in the West its 33M concepts.

I think it was there long before the classes began to struggle ....

Matt Franko said...

"get hold of that wealth,"

It's only worth anything as a feedstock to "European" industrial processes which Venezuela does not possess the competence to operate at a high level of execution....

So the refinery capacities are now collapsing in these nations with the new authorization for US refiners to export their products... so all refining (a complex process) is going to now transition to the US... turd world may still be able to produce crude feedstock at best...

Iirc Venezuela is still able to produce about 700k bbl/day for US refineries for now...