Saturday, December 30, 2017

Alexander — Navalny’s phoney Presidential bid and the Russian Presidential election

Another side of the story that you won't find in Western media.

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On December 29, Russia’s Central Election Commission (CEC) registered the unchallenged leader of the Liberal-Democratic Party (LDPR), Vladimir Zhirinovsky, as a presidential candidate. Zhirinovsky, who is going to run for president for the sixth time, is the first officially registered participant in the election race.
In his first interview as a presidential candidate, Zhirinovsky tells TASS why he decided to toss his hat into the ring for the presidency once again, what sort of program he planned to offer voters and what will be his first steps, if elected president.
- Vladimir Volfovich, you have decided to run for Russian president for the sixth time. What have you got to offer this time around?
- Unlike the left, we do not trot out any far-fetched or unachievable promises. Our program is straightforward and clear – there should not be any homeless, unemployed or hungry. This is the minimal goal, while the maximum goal is to make a major leap forward....
TASS exclusive: Zhirinovsky's first interview as presidential candidate
Liberal-Democratic Party (LDPR) presidential candidate Vladimir Zhirinovsky interviewed by Diana Rudakova

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Revolution hijacked. How Lenin's opposition to Stalin did not prevent him from taking over after Lenin's demise.

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Neil Acherson


Kaivey said...

The LDPR sound okay. I don't think the libertarians would agree with this sensible idea, though -

"An unhealthy diet is of the most serious issues that Russia is facing. More than 30% of the population is prone to obesity. There is a need to take tough measures against poor-quality food available on store shelves and ensure strict quality control. Drugstores that are proven to carry substandard medicines should be closed down. There is also a need to counter the spread of fake vodka. Thousands of people get poisoned every year. We suggest that several state stores be set up, where cheap but good-quality vodka will be available. All other spirits will be sold at market prices, as manufacturers decide."

Noah Way said...

The US spin is enough to make you nauseous.