Monday, December 18, 2017

Jimmy Dore - CIA Spy Chief: Russiagate Has Failed!

Jimmy Dore is right on form again here where he's able to cut through the hypocritical BS of the the establishment and the corporate media. Mike Morell, an ex CIA director, says if there was anything illegal in Trump working with Russia the media and the CIA would have found it by now. He says that maybe Trumps team worked with Russians in some money laundering activity but Jimmy Dore says it would be difficult to prove in court any serious intent because Trump's lawyers would just say Trump was too stupid to know he was breaking the law and they wouldn't be able to prove otherwise.

The establishment don't like Trump even though he is doing what they want. He's a wild card who doesn't always put the right spin on US activity like the 'nice' Barack Obama or Bill Clinton would and might just come right out with it and say something like, 'we want their oil and minerals'.

Jimmy Dore says that if they dig enough into any congressman's life they will probably find some dirt but they haven't found what they wanted by investigating Trump. Anyway, the establishment is upset about some Trump - Russian money laundering allegations but the Washington's illegal wars in the ME where millions have died is not an issue it seems.

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