Wednesday, December 20, 2017

Jimmy Dore - Jill Stein: Newest Target Of McCarthyism

They are both good. The Real News Network have a very good interview with Jill Stein.

Jimmy Dore - Jill Stein: Newest Target Of McCarthyism

The Real News - Jill Stein Denounces Probe over 'Collusion with Russians'


GLH said...

It's amazing that people fall for Russia gate.

Kaivey said...

As Jill Stein says, after 18 months they still haven't found anything. The adverts on Facebook and Twitter were put in by Russians but most after the election. They said it was Russians because of the IP addresses, but were they just Americans or Europeans on holiday in Russia? There are billions of people in the world, they're are bound to be some adds on Facebook and Twitter by Russians. And the others adds were from Russian speaking people who were in the USA either on holiday or lived there. The evidence, they spoke in Russian. Ha! ha! ha!, how were the Americans supposed to understand those adds, those Russians must be dumb? What kind of sting operation is that?

Noah Way said...

Actual collusion - financial payment for information - between Hillary and foreign interests goes unquestioned while tRUMP is vilified. Blatant hypocrisy doesn't even begin to define this. Trump is being used as a WMD - weapon of mass distraction. Never thought I'd miss Kim Kardashian.

Joe said...

We have got to be close to peak Russia-gate, all the way down to Jill fucking Stein. Who's next, Susan Sarandon, Bernie bros?
As Jimmy Dore has said, here's how it'll go down: they'll investigate this cullsion stuff, but instead they'll find some other bullshit ordinary corruption crime. It won't be anything out of the ordinary, just the normal machinations of a scummy rich guy. No spy novel thriller Manchurian candidate, nothing like that. He probably laundered money for some Russian mobsters or something silly like that. Nothing serious like lying to start a war.... (yet the media will show far more outrage over petty crimes)

Jimmy has made another good point too. You can't have it both ways. How can Trump be an incompetent petulant buffoon but yet somehow commit a giant crime yet always stay one step ahead of the fbi, dhs, nsa etc. They'd probably have found something by now.