Wednesday, December 27, 2017

Ian Welsh — Russia As An Enemy Of The United States

Ian sums it up. Short and harsh.

Ian Welsh
Russia As An Enemy Of The United States


GLH said...

A few years ago I wondered why the people in Washington seemed to hate Russia so much and I started looking into it. As a result I found out who the oligarchs were. When I studied them it became obvious who was behind the whole thing. Everything the neocons do is so obvious now. I suspect that they wouldn't mind destroying the world if they don't get their way. To hell with the rest of humanity.

Tom Hickey said...

Right. The US oligarchs and policy types never forgave Putin for kicking out "our" oligarchs, who were in the process of handing over Russian to the US.

They would have gotten away with it if Putin hadn't been installed by Yeltsin.

There is a simple explanation of why Yeltsin did this.

Clinton invaded Yugoslavia, and Serbia is an old Russian ally. Yeltsin woke up to what the US was really up to and picked Putin to deal with it. He did, and the US has never gotten over it.

The US is hell-bent on regime-change and getting back to taking Russia over, ending it forever as a great power and exploiting its resources.

Neo-imperialist playbook.

Bob Roddis said...

I woke up to this horror show on CBS this morning (which I never watch).

CIA hack Michael Morell was scarmongering about alleged Russian social media influence and proposing the imposition of new rules for political messaging on social media that now apply to TV. Won't that be fun?

Why don't those rules apply right now to Morell, CBS and their fake news lies?

Kaivey said...

The UK Guardian has another conference at £30 a ticket about how Putin helped Trump get into the Whitehouse. This fast has now become big business.