Monday, December 18, 2017

Jason Liosatos Outside The Box - Paul Craig Roberts Interview

Another superb interview of PCR and if you like him you won't be disappointing by this. I laughed my head off at what PCR says at the end, that you won't get rid of the ruling elite through democracy, you can only remove them from power by a revolution, and then PCR says, people ought to read Marx and Engels, and then he adds with a chuckle, and Pol Pot. Crikey!


MRW said...

Kaivey, you can peddle PCR all you want. Mike Norman thinks he's a fucking jerk, and all your ups-and-downs to sell PCR's ideas will go nowhere. PCR doesn't get what Mike Norman is talking about.

MRW said...

Just thought I'd let you know. Happened before you became a contributor.

Kaivey said...

PCR is a social conservative, which he only recently started revealing and I'm not too keen on that. Economically he seems to be left, so he's the complete opposite of the neoliberals. PCR is also concerned about animal welfare which I like. I sent him some videos about it and eventually he posted one. He's complex.

PCR 9/11 conspiracy theories make him not popular here, but I think the official storyline is dubious. We'll probably never know for sure.

He is friends with Micheal Hudson and he seems to be pro MMT now, although he doesn't mention it much.

Is PCR still deeply unpopular here with everyone?

Noah Way said...

Mike Norman isn't God.

Tyler said...

I'm a fan of PCR. I disagree with him on some things, but agree with him on 9/11.

MRW said...

Mike Norman isn't God.

No one is. But Norman’s complaint, which should still be available in the archives, had my vote, or agreement.