Tuesday, December 26, 2017

Mike Whitney — Jill Stein in the Cross-Hairs

The Russia Investigation shifts to Clinton's Political Rivals
Jumping the shark?
How long are American liberals going to put up with this nonsense? How long before they wash the mud from their eyes and acknowledge what should be as plain as the nose on their face; that their precious investigation of Donald Trump is nothing more than a witch hunt designed to intimidate or destroy political rivals?
The persecution of Jill Stein strips away the facade once and for all exposing Russia-gate as a complete fraud that is being used to exact revenge on the adversaries of Hillary Clinton and her reprobate friends. The New York Times even admits as much.
Why is there still no evidence of wrongdoing after more than a year of non-stop investigations? Why are there just accusations, allegations and baseless claims?
Take a hard look at the Stein case and you’ll understand why. The meat-puppet senators who are conducting these wretched show trials don’t give a damn about the truth. They know the case against Stein is completely fabricated. They also know they can carry on with complete impunity because the big money powerbrokers who pull their strings and order them about, are beyond the reach of the any legal accountability. That’s what’s really really going on, the fatcat honchos behind the scenes are just settling scores for Hillary’s lost election. It’s payback time for the Clinton Mafia....
The Unz Review
Jill Stein in the Cross-Hairs
Mike Whitney

Nothing new, actually.

Counterpunch (August 5, 2016)
Smearing Stein: Media as Propaganda
Peter A. Lavenia

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Noah Way said...

I'm fairly surprised that they haven't linked Bernie to Putin yet. Maybe Jill is the test care to gauge public response (Jill who? LOL).

Or maybe they're afraid of alienating the 60% of the population that likes him ... nah, they're not that smart.