Wednesday, February 28, 2018

J. D. Alt — A Comfortable Betrayal

It would be a shocking scandal if it came to light that the professions of medical science had, for decades, known about an easy to treat, underlying cause of cancer—but conspired to obfuscate and suppress the information to protect their participation in a medical industry raking in hundreds of billions a year to treat the disease. Professional standings, tenures, licenses would be in tatters. Lawsuits would abound. Outrage would march on every city hospital and medical college in the nation—would it not?
Such a betrayal is not humanly possible, right? Yet is it not the case that the professions of economics, journalism and politics are guilty of something very like this kind of betrayal?…
I would make the lede a story of betrayal by companies that knew that smoking caused cancer and denied and concealed it.

Isn't the noble lie of "experts about money creation a similar betrayal of public trust? Even Alan Greenspan admitted in congressional testimony that government is not limited in the amount of currency it can issue.

Ordinarily, this is suppressed however. Bernard Lietaer revealed it as a taboo.

Real Progressives
A Comfortable Betrayal
J. D. Alt
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I read his book, it was excellent.