Friday, February 23, 2018

Publius Tacitus — American Meddling in the Ukraine

Historians will note the tremendous irony of the United States engaging in subversion and election meddling in Ukraine that surpasses anything attempted by Russia.
The ideological fissures that are growing in the United States are beginning to resemble the warring camps that characterize the Ukrainian political world. The divide in Ukraine pits groups who are described as "right wing" and many are ideological descendants of real Nazis and Nazi sympathizers against groups with a strong affinity to Russia. This kind of gap cannot be bridged through conventional negotiations.
Who is the United States government and media supporting? The Nazis. You think I'm joking. Here are the facts….
Following the "ideological fissures" in the US, most of what is reported in the American corporate media is fake news, especially regarding foreign affairs but domestic also. The Alt Right and Clinton camps dwell in opposite universes. Public discourse in America is bipolar and manic.

Sic Semper Tyrannis
American Meddling in the Ukraine
Publius Tacitus

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